Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankfull for Irlanda 11-5-12

Today i'm thankful for our spanish teacher, Irlanda. She is awesome, she comes 3 times a week for 4 hours. She is a great help with our learning. She has also became a great friend. Her and her three kids have come to the beach with us and on many other adventures. Without her  I would of never been able to go to school and make friends or communicate near as well.

Hoy estoy agradecida por nuestra profesora de español, Irlanda. Ella es impresionante, ella viene 3 veces por semana durante 4 horas. Ella es una gran ayuda con nuestro aprendizaje. También llegó a un gran amigo. Ella y sus tres hijos han llegado a la playa con nosotros y en muchas otras aventuras. Sin ella que no quisiera de nunca pudo ir a la escuela y hacer amigos ni comunicar cerca así.

If you speak spanish ignore the mistakes por favor (this is Irlanda on halloween with us)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankfull for Friends 11-4-12

Lately I'm very thankful for good friends, both in Nicaragua and Blanding. While I've been here many friends have went out of their way to get in contact with me, I had a stack of cards on my birthday, Have had Skype calls, and MANY MANY MANY emails. I am so very excited that me and my friends have stayed in touch.

I am also very excited that I have made friends in Nicaragua. I have a good friend, xohchi, at school.  She has helped me several times at school to understand what the homework was, she speaks a little English and wants to learn more so we have been able to help each other, she even convinced the teacher that I didn't need to see the dentist the day he came to the school (very thankful for that).  Then there's Molly, a friend of mine who if fluent in both English and Spanish (as well as Italian). Molly has been a huge help always interpreting for me and introducing me to her friends. Also letting the school coach know that I played volleyball. So I was able to play in an FSLN tournament (it was a blast).  We've spent lots of time together on the weekends, playing volleyball, swimming and having a great time together, I don't know what I would have done without her.   I have had a great time down here. Friends have made it even that much better.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Well here's a catch-up mash-up post. I  have been so busy from dad and grandma coming and we haven't stopped we had plans of going to NPH today,but decided to do that next week and take a day off so i finally can blog!!!! 

Well Alvero's house id coming along. The hopes are to have it finished before we leave so we will be able to see it and of course get lots of pics.

 the construction site.
 The boys favorite part is the many animals running around

 And like always we spend time every day in the pool cooling off.

 We decorated the house with balloons and signs for welcome home for dad and gram the maid walked in and asked very confused why are there balloons we told her and found this of the bed when she left

 When dad got here we went to dinner 
 our view at dinner

The Taco Stop

 Logan's school He attends a school ran by Americans and loves it he goes two times a week they paint, play, make pottery, makes friends and has a great time.

On Thursday we went to Ometepe (an island with two volcano's and lots of things to see)
 Logan and dad riding the farrier to the the island
 Our wonderful tour guide Irlanda (and our spanish teacher)

 volcano 1
 volcano 2

 My dad asked the waiter what was the best fish they had.    Ick
 But he ate it all
 We saw a MONKEY Check that of the list

 We played in a spring that was full of minerals from the volcano and had a blast
 Saturday we went surfing at Playa Hermosa 

 On Saturday night we went to see the turtles they come out three times a year and there are thousands of them (we couldn't have flash on so we didn't get very many pics you can see but they were huge

 Grandma holding a baby turtle

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This Sunday we were able to go to NPH(an orphanage for abanded and abused kids). There we went around to the houses of kids split up by age and gender and meet play with and talk to the kids there. They were all very nice. And would talk very slow so we could try to understand. Our friend we went with on our way to the orphanage bought 300 peices of gum. We gave one to each kid there they all were very happy and thanked us multiple times.

                                                        My new nicaraguan friend


                                                 Logan and a litle boy his age

               P.S. Sorry I only have pics of the little boys but trust me they were the cutest